Registration Opens October 1, 2017

The Freestylerz program is designed for athletes who have surpassed the Black Diamond level of the Fundamentalz / Jumps & Bumps program and want to learn more about freestyle skiing with a focus on having a lot of fun. Athletes in this program are typically aged between 8 - 15 yrs old.

This program focuses on teaching skills in Slopestyle (the terrain park), Moguls, Big Mountain and Big Air, with a focus on building life long skiers.  Freestylerz have options to attend freestyle and freeski competitions if they choose.  And everyone is welcome to attend the SS Freestyle year-end Hot Dog Moguls event. 

Saturday or Sunday Freestylerz options: Dates for this program start January 6/7th and go through until the Hot Dog Moguls event March 18, 2018. You will be grouped with other freestyle skiers. If at any time you decide you want to compete just let us know! Camps are optional and are subject to additional fees.

Competitive One-day or One+Half-day program: Same as above except only on Saturday or Sunday. Ask about doing 1.5 days per weekend. Skiers in this option receive 15 Saturdays or Sundays. One-day Competitive the fees include ALL the camps... same as the Two-day Competitive Freestylerz.

Skiers that are ready for two full days should consider the Freestyle Competition Development team or the Big Mountain Team.

Remember, if you are in the Competitive Freestylerz Program travel is required on some weekends.

For exact dates of all Freestylerz programs consult the Freestylerz Calendar.

Please register for Competitive Freestylerz programs by November 15, 2017 OR Freestyerz by January 1, 2018. Click on "Program Registration" to register October 1, 2017.

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