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    Air Bag Guest Bookings

    Freestyle Canada sanctioned teams and athletes are invited to come train at the SS Freestyle Air Bag. Athletes who would like to join SS Freestyle schedule training are welcome.

    Teams who have their own coach can choose their own sessions and dates in the schedule. Team session fees start at $750 for a 4 hour block. Shared training blocks are $75/athletes. Email [email protected] for more information and bookings.

    Upcoming SS Freestyle Activities

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    General Information

    Location – The Air Bag site is located just below the world renown freestyle air site on Lower Christmas Bowl Run at beautiful Silver Star Mountain.

    The set-up – the SS Freestyle Air Bag is the first generation landing bag manufactured by Katal. Katal has now changed names to Progression Air Bags. The Air Bag is 20m long x 16m wide x 3.5m tall at the knuckle. The bag is known for its large smooth safe landing zone. The landing has a 12 degree slope. The In-run jump was designed by the same engineers that built the air bag. Total in-run length is 52m long and 4m wide. The “L” size jump is a park style jump with a take-off of 35 degrees. Jump height is 2.5m. SS Freestyle uses JF Dryslope which is the worlds best synthetic snow material. It allows skiers and snowboard athletes to turn and even set an edge. Unless requested there is no gap between the bag and the jump. The set-up is ideal for uprights, all single inverts and all single off-axis skills. Ideal for most Club level teams and athletes. Its recommended that athletes wanting to do inverts have experience jumping on a water ramp prior to using this set-up.

    WINTER – 8:30 to 12:30 – Athletes meet in Lot A at 8:30am unless Club requests otherwise. Do not drive up to air bag. Coaches will walk with Athletes from Lot A to air bag during winter season. Absolutely now drop-off or parking at Arnica Lane during the season.

    SUMMER – Typical AM session – 8:30 to 12:30am – . From their the air bag operator or coach leads athletes or team by car up to the drop off area. Parking is not permitted at the air bag so once athletes are dropped off parents will have to park in the lower lots. Parents are welcome to take a beautiful hike (or bike) on the mountain to come up and watch the action. The “Ridge” hiking trail goes right past the air bag. PM sessions typically run 12:30-4:30 during summer season.


    • Durable track pants (Summer) or shell outerwear (Winter). Dress for weather.
    • Helmet Mandatory. Skis have good edges – no cracks. Pre-wax or bring wax with you.
    • 2-3 liters water, snacks, sunscreen, bug spray is optional (depending on the season).

    All participants are expected to help with air bag set-up and tear down duties. 

    Silver Star Mountain Resort

    Silver Star Mountain a great place to visit in any season. If you need more information go to: