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We are always looking for volunteers for the upcoming season.

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    For questions please contact:

    [email protected]

    To ALL SS Freestyle Club Skiers,

    The 2024 season is coming to a wrap.  It was a very fun winter season! Please see the following content in this end of season email:


    I have a few thank you mentions. In no particular order.

    #1 the ATHLETES.  Freestyle is meant to be a way of learning freestyle skills in a FUN and SAFE manner. We strive to get you the best possible coaching we can at all levels.  And advocate and build world leading facilities because without facilities we don’t have the opportunity to progress.  In my opinion we are all athletes and whether you are striving to be the next world champion or a life long skier we want to treat you the same.

    #2 the PARENTS.  Thank you for week in and week out getting your athletes to Silver Star. Thank you for putting up with my poor communication skills as we strive to be as organized as possible. Thank you for supporting fundraising efforts and chipping in.  There will be more opportunities to volunteer this Spring / Summer and Fall.

    #3 the VOLUNTEERS.  Remember until April 15 you can submit you volunteer hours and get a small refund.  We thank you for stepping up and helping out.  It all helps big time!  https://ssfreestyle.com/volunteer/

    #4 the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.  Behind the scenes these people meet year round every month. Their passion and experience in business, sport, policy, and leadership support the coaches and myself so we can keep SS Freestyle as the greatest Freestyle Club in Canada if not the World. 

    Side note – if you would like to become a board member please reach out to [email protected].  Fall 2024 the recruitment process will start.

    #5 the COMMUNITY PARTNERS. The businesses and organizations of the Silver Star and North Okanagan Community are some of the most generous we could ask for. Year after year SS Freestyle receives amazing support to support training facilities, coaching development and more.  If you’re interested in getting on next year’s sponsorship or donation list please respond to [email protected].

    # 6 the COACHES and LEADERS. You’re amazing!  Thank you so much for taking the training, and showing up with enthusiasm.  SS Freestyle is always recruiting. Coaches can send resumes and cover letters to [email protected].


    We have one more weekend we would like to offer some opportunities to Athletes within SS Freestyle the opportunity to level up. Here are the option coming up this week only:

    • FUNDZ half-day to FULL DAY – If you are in Fundamentalz and would like to try a full day GTEAM (girls only) or a FREESTYLERZ (co-Gender)
    • JR. DEVELOPMENT recruitment/tryout – If you’re currently in GT or FZ and you aspire to enter, get the black jersey and Super Youth events these are for you.
    • DEVELOPMENT TEAM – DT is for teens that aspire to learn competitive level freestyle ski skills. Skiers in this program may have aged out of GT or FZ but still want to advance in the sport and ski in the occasional competition. There are Freestyle and Freeski options in the Dev Team.
    • COMP TEAM – CT is for athletes striving to compete at the provincial level. Training is year around and requires travel. SS Freestyle is offering a try out for the team this coming weekend.

    If anyone has questions about the opportunities available this weekend please contact [email protected].  OR simply sign up: https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/406855

    If you are on the Jr. Dev team have some BONUS days scheduled this week. Sign-up here: https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/406855

    Comp Team will have regular scheduled programs this week.


    All athletes have the opportunity to learn freestyle ski skills year around with SS Freestyle Club. We would love to invite ALL Club members up to join us on the TRAMPOLINE and DRYSLOPE RAILS in the coming seasons. Look for programs starting Saturdays and Sundays in the following blocks:

    • Late APRIL to mid June
    • July block / Aug block
    • September and October block

    Possibly some mid we times as well.

    See you all soon!   Enthusiastic Regards,

    Wade Garrod, Head Coach and Program Designer

    SS Freestyle