Are you interested in volunteering for the Silver Star Freestyle Club?
We are always looking for volunteers for the upcoming season.

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    For questions please contact:

    [email protected]

    What do I need to coach with SS Freestyle?

    • Please check our employment page if you are interested in coaching for SS Freestyle.

    All NEW Freestyle SKI Coaches need to complete the following:

    All SNOWBOARD Coaches need the Comp-Intro Coach Course

    Coaches 18 + years old MUST submit a CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK through Snowreg every two years, the duration that it is valid. If you did your check last year, go directly to SnowReg and purchase your Coaching license.

      • IF you need a Criminal Record check go there are two recommended methods:
        • Method #1 Go to your RCMP detachment. Apply for an Employer Criminal Record Check – this can take up to 3-6 weeks.
        • Snowreg – will offer this service through “Sterling Back Check” when you purchase a Coach Membership. This method will require you to go to Canada Poste to get an ID verification.

    ANNUAL Coaches license – please update every year

    The following online NCCP courses are Mandatory for all active coaches:

    If you have these courses, you do NOT need to take them again.

    Pursue your Technical Coaching Pathway

    Please consider some of the following courses:

    • Fundamentalz (ski) – two-day intro to freestyle coaching
    • Air Sense (ski & snowboard) – Air 1/2/3/4 are multiple modules involving trampoline, air bag, water ramps and on snow designed to give coaches the tools to teach acrobatics in sport
    • Snowboard Comp Intro TBD – contact [email protected]
    • Canada Snowboard

    Please consider the following courses that are STRONGLY RECCOMENDED
    • “Keeping Girls in Sport” online course (roughly 90 mins)
    • First Aid – Basic

    Please fill out your coach biography form here.

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