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    SS Freestyle BBQ Kin Beach

    SS Freestyle BBQ Kin Beach Date: Saturday, June 10 • Time(s): 5-7 pm
 • Location: Kin Beach
 • Description: a family-friendly social event to bring the entire club together after an amazing 2022/23 ski season! The club will have a BBQ available for any one who wants to use it. Please bring your own food and drink. Bring Beach or…

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    OK Freeski programs

    OK Freeski programs 13+ YEAR/ Performance Freeskier athletes Spring, Summer and Fall ~ Trampoline, Rails and Air Bag OK Freeski is a division of the SS Freestyle. The program goal is to offer seasonal training sessions and camps to passionate free skiers who want year round training options based out of the North Okanagan. These offerings will focus on skill…

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    Training Grounds Freestyle Ski programs

    Training Grounds Freestyle Ski programs Spring, Summer and Fall ~ Trampoline, Rails and Air Bag Who is Training Grounds for? Freestyle skiers of all ages who are keen to develop freestyle skills on the trampoline, dryslope rails and dryslope air bag. Description The Training Grounds programs are geared towards passionate freestyle skiers who want to learn air and rail skills…

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    January “Friday the 13” Update

    Week 5 Edit Check it Here Volunteers For those around this weekend we need people to help with the following: Here is our sign-up link for weekends in January. ThanksVolunteer Sign Up Seeking New sponsor’s We are open to anyone that would like to participate as a Silver or Bronze sponsor for this year. Open till January 20th. Check it out…

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