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    Refunds policy

    All refund requests need to be requested via email to [email protected]

    General Refunds
    The Silver Star Freestyle Club does not offer refunds unless there is an extraordinary circumstance that leads to the end of an athlete’s season. Missed days due to illness or injury will not trigger this threshold in most cases. Some considerations where a refund or credit may be offered:

    • Prior to the season refunds may be considered on a case-by-case basis if a spot can be filled by another participant.
    • If an event or circumstance prohibits any training to take place, the board may issue credits or refunds.

    Covid-19 Refund Consideration
    In the event programming is terminated because of a mountain closure or youth sport restrictions imposed by regulators due to COVID-19, members will receive a pro-rated refund or credit less a non-refundable fee of 15% of an athletes Winter Programming fee. This fee will cover Club administrative fixed costs to ensure the Club stays financially stable.