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    Want to be a part of Canada’s largest and most prominent Freestyle Club, including Canada’s largest all-girl freestyle ski team (the G Team) while showcasing your community’s business?

    Silver Star Freestyle Club is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organization that aims to promote the sport of freestyle skiing in a fun, safe, and progressive team learning environment.

    We offer freestyle skiing and snowboarding, a ski academy partnership with SD22 (and in development for SD83), trampoline training, water ramp sessions, and dryland programs to young athletes of all abilities, from eight to eighteen. Our growth over the last quarter century has gone from a club of a dozen athletes to over 200 participating members.

    Silver Star Freestyle Club believes in developing youth in the freestyle culture of having safe, supportive, respectful fun that embraces a positive learning and teaching environment.  Through genuine engagement with our business and community partners we will continue to grow our programs and enrollment.    

    Annual sponsorship support has helped us to achieve our main goal of inspiring youth to become lifelong skiers and snowboarders. The consistent residual effect of our successful program brings back positive community role models as inspiring coaches for the next generation, a practice we term ‘Motivation through Mentorship’. These coaches bring to our community of youth the awareness of valuing family, friendship, gratitude, perseverance, integrity, accountability, hard work, and respecting the outdoor environment in which we call our playground.

    Highly valued sponsorship support allows our non-profit Silver Star Freestyle Club to resume providing a safe, exciting, and fun learning environment for all of our members. As well, we can continue providing a competitive environment that produces top-level athletes representing the Silver Star Freestyle Club on provincial, national, international, and Olympic stages.

    As a non-profit and volunteer-run organization, sponsorship is essential to ensuring our club can satisfy its core mission of offering freestyle skiing and snowboarding, trampoline, water ramp, and dryland programs to athletes of all abilities and ages.

    Your generous donation will help us hire and retain coaches, run freestyle events at Silver Star, support club athletes when they compete at other mountains, and build and maintain freestyle facilities used for athlete training and progression.

    Through sponsorship, your investment not only brings value to our organization but also to yours by:

    • Demonstrating your support of the development of “skiers for life” in Vernon and throughout BC and beyond.
    • Promoting your company’s support of active living and a healthy lifestyle.
    • Providing community leadership and involvement.
    • Gaining access to a diverse audience that offers excellent visibility and extensive awareness of your company.

    The true value to you through this sponsorship program is the exposure your company and its brand will receive. Our membership alone in 2021/22 consisted of over 220 athletes, each wearing jerseys with sponsor logos on every training day and all with dedicated parents receiving regular communications from the club – a captive audience for your brand!  And, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Sponsorship of Silver Star Freestyle Club provides you with reach beyond the club: local and visiting Silver Star traffic, newspaper readership, radio listeners, and the viral nature of social media.

    Club Training Jerseys

    Since 2013, our club athletes have been sporting jerseys. These vibrantly coloured bibs greatly improve the visibility of our club and our athletes on the mountain. Only Gold Sponsor logos are placed on the jerseys, providing excellent exposure of corporate branding to local and visiting mountain traffic.  

    NEW – Gold sponsorship has now become a three-year commitment for 2021-2023.  By moving to a three-year commitment, Gold sponsorship becomes an exclusive opportunity to partner with our club beyond one year.  Our partners will benefit from year-round exposure at our different training facilities and will receive a jersey as a memento of their support to display as they wish.

    Club Marketing and Communications

    Silver Star Freestyle Club does much of its own marketing to the public through numerous channels, and presents valuable co-branding opportunities to our sponsors:

    • Digital Media: Sponsor logos are placed throughout the club’s website (www.ssfreestyle.com), with a clickable link back to your own company’s website.
    • Social Media: We regularly communicate to our members via our dedicated Facebook and Instagram pages. Sponsors will have opportunities to communicate company information or promotions and link to own websites or thought leadership pieces. We will be looking at other forms of social media in the upcoming year.
    • Club Blog:  We regularly distribute a newsletter to our members to communicate upcoming and current club events and information. Each newsletter includes our sponsor support.
    • Videos: Sponsorship taglines will also be included in club produced videos of the athletes, club events, and other videos such as instructional videos for our volunteers.

    of sponsorship


    • Permanent placement of company logo on athlete training jerseys
    • Permanent placement of company logo on signage
    • Opportunity to present medals at club competition
    • Signage at Club events
    • Sponsorship credit on promotional club video(s)
    • Newspaper photo opportunity and mention
    • Radio spot mention
    • Premier logo placement at www.ssfreestyle.com linking to sponsor company’s website
    • Logo placement on club marketing materials
    • Social media recognition
    • Verbal recognition at club events and competitions
    • Opportunity to participate in the registration or competition packages
    • Logo placement at club facilities (Airsite/dryslope and Mogul courses on Alpine Meadows and club hut located near the village at Nordic Ski entrance).

    Commitment Level: $5,000 per year (min $2500 monetary funding)


    • Company logo on signage
    • Logo placement at www.ssfreestyle.com linking to sponsor company’s website
    • Logo placement on club marketing materials
    • Social media recognition
    • Verbal recognition at club events and competitions
    • Opportunity to participate in the registration or competition package
    • Logo placement at club facility of mogul course on Alpine Meadows.

     Commitment Level: $2500


    • Logo placement at www.sssfreestyle.com linking to sponsor company’s website
    • Logo placement on club marketing materials
    • Social media recognition
    • Verbal recognition at club events and competitions
    • Opportunity to participate in the registration or competition packages

    Commitment Level: $750

    We are always appreciative of any in-kind support that can be provided, whether it be prize/give-away items for club events or labour for equipment improvement or development. We are open to discuss any alternate ideas on how you might be able to support our organization.

    If you would like to explore sponsorship opportunities with Silver Star Freestyle Club, please contact us at [email protected]

    We would like to thank the generous support of our sponsors:

    mountain sponsor

    SilverStar Mountain Resort


    Buy Low Foods
    R. E. Postill & Sons Ltd.
    Vernon Morning Star
    Monashee Helicopters


    CIBC Asset Management
    BG Land Construction
    Monashee Powder Snowcats
    saputo signage
    SCV Contractors
    Silver Star Stays
    Speedpro Signs
    Sun Country Cycle


    Big Steel Box
    BMO Global Asset Management
    DCT Chambers
    Your Dollar Store
    Helmuts Sausage Kitchen
    Hogarth's Clinic Pharmacy Ltd.
    Nixon Earthworks
    Pleasant Valley Dental
    Valley Grills
    Vernon Denture Clinic