Are you interested in volunteering for the Silver Star Freestyle Club?
We are always looking for volunteers for the upcoming season.

Apply today!

    For questions please contact:

    [email protected]

    Silver Star Freestyle is a not-for-profit, volunteer-organized club which only works with the help of our generous volunteers!

    Silver Star Freestyle is offering a volunteer rebate. To read the details click here.

    Our goal is to make volunteering easy! Most volunteer opportunities do not require any special knowledge and we will provide any training needed. We use Sign Up Genius to make the process streamlined for parents and the club.

    There are many areas you can help with, from helping coaches get organized each week with their groups of athletes to weekly site maintenance to events support to being a board member. Some positions are on the mountain and some are off the mountain.

    Below is a list of positions that need to be filled throughout the season. This is a list that is always changing as the season moves along.

    Weekend volunteers are needed to ensure that our coaches and our program coordinator can spend as much time with your children as possible. Parents will assist with handing out pinnies/bibs, checking attendance, and generally ensuring that ski groups get out on the mountain in a timely fashion.

    Come out and enjoy the social aspect of our club by getting involved with other parents. No experience or knowledge of the job you are volunteering for is needed!

    Volunteer Time & Requirements
    • 15 minutes to about an hour
    • AM setup volunteers meet on Saturday and Sunday at 8 am at the coaches’ shack
    • AM “other” volunteers meet on Saturday or Sunday at 9 am at the coaches’ shack
    • PM volunteers meet Saturday and Sunday at 12:45 pm at the coaches’ shack

    Parents who sign up for this position like to do physical work and like to work in a group. This is a shared position with as many parents we can get.

    Examples of this work are maintaining the mogul run on Saturday and Sunday mornings or rolling up the Airbag after the weekend.

    Volunteer Time & Requirements

    • 1-2 hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings
    • More or less time depending on snow, competitions, etc.

    Parents who sign up for this position like to work with a group, organize, and take on small projects. This is a shared position with as many parents as we can get.

    Volunteer Time & Requirements
    • 1-4 hours per shift
    • More or less time depending on the event

    This is an opportunity to get involve with the general running of the club. This position is open to any a parent of a club member. There are many position available within the board that are open. Most positions can be shared.

    Volunteer Time & Requirements
    • 24-100 hours required
    • Required to attend board meetings once a month for 3 hours minimum