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    Silver Star Freestyle Club has been offered an amazing collaborative fundraiser with one of our membership families.  Okanagan Beverage Co. makes incredible, locally sourced apple juice right here in our backyard!

    Help raise money for SS Freestyle Club training facilities by purchasing their juice! $5 of every 5L box sold and $3 of every 3L box sold goes right back into our club. The juice lasts a long time once opened and incredibly long unopened (buy lots!)

    The juice will be ready for pick up April 8th – 12th, Mon-Fri 8am-4pm at 10030 Ricardo Rd, in Coldstream. (Any juice not picked up will have to be resold by the Freestyle Club).

    To order this deal:

    This deal is for Freestyle members, friends and families. Share this link with everyone you know so we can sell lots of juice and continue to improve SS Freestyle facilities!